There’s good beef. There’s very good beef. There’s superior beef. And then there’s New Zealand wagyu beef. If your patrons demand the finer things in life, this rare delicacy will tickle their tastebuds and leave them with a meal to remember. Waitaha Wagyu is your go-to wagyu beef supplier, for premium New Zealand grown wagyu meat.

The best of the best

Succulent, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth perfection – three ways to describe this most tasty of dishes. Your customers are used to the best – that’s why they come to you. So why not offer your customers this finest of fine beef cuts – the Lamborghini of dining? Wagyu beef is widely recognised as the supreme, most luxurious, and certainly the most delicious way to enjoy the perfect beef dish.

Guaranteed quality

Of course you want to be sure that you’re offering your customers the genuine article. There is a special cachet attached to Wagyu beef. Because of its rarity, value, and reputation for excellence, wagyu beef suppliers don’t want just any business selling off its products.
Producers spend years carefully cultivating its top of the line produce, and so only those businesses which meet stringent standards of care and quality are allowed to say that they’re selling the real deal. Fortunately, Waitaha Wagyu has earned that distinction.