About Waitaha Wagyu

(Waitaha means “Canterbury” in Maori)

Waitaha Wagyu is a producer of high quality premium wagyu beef from cattle bred and raised in New Zealand environments. The farm, located at the outskirts of Christchurch, is run by a team of farming experts with a long background in farming both in New Zealand and Japan.Our years of studying and working in the farming and agriculture sectors have made us passionate about high quality beef. Our aim is to produce and supply only the best premium, grain-fed wagyu and wagyu-cross beef.Top Japanese wagyu farmers have flown to New Zealand to help Waitaha Wagyu hand-select top wagyu bulls for breeding and create a special feed formula. We own pure Japanese wagyu cattle and are developing an integrated breeding programme to produce premium quality wagyu and wagyu cross Holstein beef.In other words, Waitaha Wagyu is your go-to wagyu beef supplier, for premium New Zealand grown wagyu beef, finished using traditional Japanese techniques.

Our mission

To be the premier international wholesaler for natural quality premium wagyu beef.

Our vision

To be the preferred and most reputable global support of superior wagyu beef.

Our commitment

To bring you the highest quality wagyu from our superior breeding programme and to ensure the highest standards of both animal and environmental welfare on our farms.

Feel free to contact us

If you have any further questions about Waitaha Wagyu, how we operate, where our meat comes from, how it will be packed and shipped etc. feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to reply to all your questions.