Buy Quality Wagyu Beef

You can order our premium wagyu beef from our trusted concierge Gourmet Direct. Gourmet Direct is family owned and operated and is New Zealand’s leading purveyor of premium NZ meat and gourmet food items.
With over 26 years experience acting as meat concierge for discerning palates all over NZ. There’s not much Gourmet Direct doesn’t know about meat being butchers and farming for over thirty years.

For wholesale enquiries in the Auckland region please contact   Carve Meat Co., on 0800 493 253 or

Why Waitaha Wagyu Beef

Wagyu yields superior quality, tender meat, with softer fats that enhance the meat flavour. Thus both full blood and Wagyu-infused beef vastly surpasses other brands.
Wagyu is a unique breed that amongst its key attributes (other than the exquisite marbled beef quality) a high calving ease, high fertility rates, the ability to adapt to a wide range of environments, a very calm and resilient temperament in the feedlot environment and a high carcass yield (dressing percentage).
Also, the economic value derived from each animal, is well above that of pastoral cattle. Marbling is the most reliable component of meat taste and tenderness. Japanese consumers recognize this and are prepared to pay a premium for highly marbled meat.